Different Types of Cosmetic PE Tubes

May 10, 2024

Different Types of Cosmetic Tubes:

For materials:

PE tube: The most widely chosen material on the market.

Paper tube: The sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Aluminum Barrier Laminated (ABL) tube: Widely used for eye cream,serum,body lotion,facial wash, toothpaste packaging products.

PE tubes:

There are 2 layers and 5 layers,what's the difference?

2 Layers: Two-layer tubes can be used for hand creams, and facial wash packaging. The most common type of tube used across all types of products, two-layer tubes can be produced out of 100% LDPE or 100% HDPE, or a combination of the two. The rigidity of the tube will vary according to the chosen material.

5 Layers: Compared with the double-layer tube, it has better air barrier, strong toughness, and can effectively prevent the penetration of oxygen and odor and the contents of the fragrance and active ingredients seepage, suitable for sunscreen, depilatory cream, exfoliants, soaps,deodorant, ointment and other functional products packaging.

Different Types of Cosmetic PE Tubes

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